Dr. Sue George

It is simply a ONE JAR WONDER!

Tammy Crump

It makes whatever you sprinkle on it taste better.

Heather Williams

Melinda Messmer I love it! And this is exactly how I tell everyone about it! #hooked

Jen Moffa

Ummm the original because my son is obsessed with it!

Jenn Cline

Thank you!!

I had your original salt when visiting NJ a few years ago. It is my absolute favorite for sprinkling on my tomatoes. The salt amount is not overwhelming and really just adds to the tomato, without overpowering it. Hands down, if you are a tomato lover, this is a must in your kitchen. Awesome stuff. Keep it up!

Libby Jamison

Hi Michelle,I was in Sylva at Jackson's General Store last week to see my cousin Crystal. Since she introduced me to Papa Joe's years ago, I was telling her about ordering directly from you and giving Papa Joe's as hostess gifts. Many of our church members have it now and our pastor even sneaks around and eats it out of his hand! Two people asked about it as Crystal and I were talking and even bought some. It is the best and I love the story about your Grandfather. You may not know, but Crystal has purchased the building that her great Grandfather built for the car dealership and I feel she is where she was meant to be. We love her and all her wonderful friends and hope to meet you some day.PS: I just place my Christmas order. Papa Joe's is a non-brainer Christmas gift for friends and neighbors!

Alan Taylor

We've been a big fan of Papa Joe's since we first purchased at Murphy's. We bought some to take with us when we moved from Medford Lakes to Tarpon Springs, FL. Since this time I've ordered it online so we can continue to use. Family members from California and New York who have visited have now been turned on to Papa Joe's. We've sent them home with a shaker of their own. The last order, I ordered the Original, Southwest, and Jerk. The new Southwest is outstanding. We went through the shaker way too fast! Just placed a new order for the Southwest (3 shakers) and now want to try the Asian Curry (ordered 1 shaker). We are so happy we can still get it online!Thanks,

Heather W.

My absolute favorite go-to seasoning for just about everything! This perfect blend of salt, pepper and garlic salt is everything! I even use it to sprinkle on avocado and my 2 year old loves it! So delicious and I will always continue to purchase this! The best!

Tammy Kirby

I literally use it on everything!

Alexis Brubaker-Natiello

It's just the best! I have been using it a lot on roasted broccoli and in egg salad!

Adrian Del Fabbro

We love the Southwest salt on steak, it's incredible. Put it on a good piece of meat and you're n heaven. I wish it came in a larger size. Now I must try the jerk spice.

Mick Guinness

I keep one in each vehicle I own. Don't leave home without it.

Cyndi Dabravalskie

Makes everything delicious!

Melissa Durand

I use it on my vegetables and meat. I love the variety and that they do not have sugar! They all taste great!

Jeff McGinnis

The Original Salt simply makes everything taste better! Great on any veggies, meats,a nd eggs! Also use it to flavor up chicken salad!

Jen Moffa

Ummm the original because my son is obsessed with it!

Melinda Mesmer

Aw man. What isn't there to like? We practically use this every night at dinner! I don't know why Papa Joe's isn't on everyone's table. What is there not to like about Papa Joe's? I'm obsessed and so is my husband. Heather Williams got us hooked on it and we haven't looked back since. We use it on everythingggg! When our friends see it and try it, they're immediately hooked too and buy a bottle the next day. That's the truth. Papa be poppin'!

Jaclyn Levin

Papa Joe's is great on Everything! I use it in ALL of my cooking. Everyone I introduce to it LOVES it! Everyone wishes it is in their corner store.

Sally Reeves Lenhart

Anything I would use salt and pepper for I now use Papa Joe's!

Al Makowski

Use it on all my grilling. It's a hit here in Florida. I brought it down with me.

Shannon Higginbotham

Because it makes everything taste better!

Lori Jenkins

Love it! Use on everything!

Bernadette Smallwood

Every recipe I make calls for salt, pepper and garlic...it's perfect and easy! The Asian, Southwest, and Jerk are just the icing on the cake!

Roseanne Talotta Riley

Here's how I use Papa Joe's Salt: Chicken: use it as a marinade. Just sprinkle on the chicken in the morning, let it sit in the refrigerator, then grill. Veggies: Same as above Turkey Tenderloin: Same as above Burgers: Makes the best burgers ever! People rave about my burgers!