It is simply a ONE JAR WONDER!

Dr. Sue George

It makes whatever you sprinkle on it taste better.

Tammy Crump

I literally use it on everything!

Tammy Kirby

It's just the best! I have been using it a lot on roasted broccoli and in egg salad!

Alexis Brubaker-Natiello

We love the Southwest salt on steak, it's incredible. Put it on a good piece of meat and you're n heaven. I wish it came in a larger size. Now I must try the jerk spice.

Adrian Del Fabbro

I keep one in each vehicle I own. Don't leave home without it.

Mick Guinness

Makes everything delicious!

Cyndi Dabravalskie

I use it on my vegetables and meat. I love the variety and that they do not have sugar! They all taste great!

Melissa Durand

The Original Salt simply makes everything taste better! Great on any veggies, meats,a nd eggs! Also use it to flavor up chicken salad!

Jeff McGinnis

Ummm the original because my son is obsessed with it!

Jen Moffa

Melinda Messmer I love it! And this is exactly how I tell everyone about it! #hooked

Heather Williams

Aw man. What isn't there to like? We practically use this every night at dinner! I don't know why Papa Joe's isn't on everyone's table. What is there not to like about Papa Joe's? I'm obsessed and so is my husband. Heather Williams got us hooked on it and we haven't looked back since. We use it on everythingggg! When our friends see it and try it, they're immediately hooked too and buy a bottle the next day. That's the truth. Papa be poppin'!

Melinda Mesmer

Papa Joe's is great on Everything! I use it in ALL of my cooking. Everyone I introduce to it LOVES it! Everyone wishes it is in their corner store.

Jaclyn Levin

Anything I would use salt and pepper for I now use Papa Joe's!

Sally Reeves Lenhart

Use it on all my grilling. It's a hit here in Florida. I brought it down with me.

Al Makowski

Because it makes everything taste better!

Shannon Higginbotham

Love it! Use on everything!

Lori Jenkins

Every recipe I make calls for salt, pepper and garlic...it's perfect and easy! The Asian, Southwest, and Jerk are just the icing on the cake!

Bernadette Smallwood

Here's how I use Papa Joe's Salt: Chicken: use it as a marinade. Just sprinkle on the chicken in the morning, let it sit in the refrigerator, then grill. Veggies: Same as above Turkey Tenderloin: Same as above Burgers: Makes the best burgers ever! People rave about my burgers!

Roseanne Talotta Riley

It's Woman Owned! Papa Joe's makes my cooking great...and um, I'm kinda a lousy cook. Papa Joe's is my secret ingredient to make my cooking taste great!

Liz Walsh

No other salt blend tastes as good! It's my go-to seasoning on everything savory! I also love supporting a local business.

Katie Zera

Check out Papa Joe's Salt new web site! Best food enhancer out there. Congratulations Michelle!!! The site is awesome!!

Tom Ritter

Happy Customer

Check out Papa Joe's Salt new web site! Best food enhancer out there. Congratulations Michelle!!! The site is awesome!!

Tom Ritter

Happy Customer

Michelle, my mom who passed away in January lived in Medford for a really long time. When she moved to Marlton she took us to Ceriellos, the Italian Market in Medford. And when we went to visit we would pick up several bottles of PAPA JOE'S to take home to PA...I am so glad you have your new website. Thank you and your Grandfather. It is a special spice mix!

Sally M Fitzpatrick Chille

Happy Customer

I boiled peanuts with Papa Joe's earlier this week...they are delicious! If we're going to share...I'll have to make another batch...there are only 12 or so peanuts left! I swear that opium CANNOT be more addictive!

Dawn Stewart

Happy Customer

To all my FB freinds: You must check this out! It is so tasty on many foods. When i ran out I was frantic! LOL This is a dear friends business.

Melissa Roughgarden

Happy Customer

I put it on everything!!!

Elizabeth Langen Piccinnini

Happy Customer

Love Papa Joe's!!

Leah Koveloski

Happy Customer

What would we do without it!! Great stuff!!

Stacey Frank

Happy Customer

I always get my refills at the Sand Stand -- this stuff is Great!!!! Love it!!!!!

Pamela Spatafore Reci

Happy Customer

Thank you sooooo much! We're addicted to Papa's Salt :)


Happy Customer

I need more Papa Joe's Salt!

Kelly Herman

Happy Customer

I love love love it!!!!!

Linda Hart

Happy Customer

Thank you! I love this stuff!!

Shelly Johnson

Happy Customer

Can't wait to get it!


Happy Customer

I Love Papa Joe's Salt! -Norristown, PA

Gina Rovello

Happy Customer

An extremely satisfied, happy customer. :-) You just made my day!!!


Happy Customer

"Dinner just isn't dinner without Papa Joe's Salt!"

Emily Moore

3rd Grade Student

"We love this product! You're the reason we come here (Valenzano Festival)."

Gary and Ellen Pinallo

Happy Customer

You have a great product!! People just need to sample it and they'll be hooked!!


Happy Customer

I keep waiting to see your product at my local grocery store!

Thanks We LOVE this salt and have gifted it to many family and friends.

Don't just 'LIKE', LOVE it! The O'B's are addicts! xoxox,

Kim Thorne O'Brien

I love love love it!!!!!

Linda Hart

Happy Customer

Yum! Papa Joe's is fabulous on EVERYTHING!!!!!!! See you again at WineFest

Dana Jean English

We love this salt and can't live without it. Thanks for handling the order so promptly.


Happy Customer

Wanna know what's amazing? Papa Joes Roasted Pumpkin seeds!! We started this tradition last year and cannot eat enough of them!! Yummy:)

Amie Linda Tuttle

Papa Joe's is overseas! I've given a few shakers out in Istanbul. Now I'm on my way to Cyprus!

Tom Wiker

Happy Customer

I recently purchased papa joe's salt from Johnson's Farm!!!!! And it's fabulous!!!! I'm obsessed!

Jenn Mahoney

VERY satisfied customers!!! Since trying Papa Joe's, we don't use any other seasoning! It's fabulous!!!!!

Rick & Debbie Little

Happy Customer

Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for the quick processing of my order! I've been enjoying Papa Joe'Salt with every meal since I received it!

Jamie from Norristown

Happy Customer

We are new to New Jersey and have discovered your salt! So tasty! It really does
flavor enhance!

I just ordered 2 refill bags (found that we go through it FAST and hate not
having any!!!!). We LOVE our Papa Joes!!!!!!! : )

We love Papa Joe's Salt -- we received it as a gift last year, used it on everything and then ran out so we are so excited to get it back in our pantry! Many thanks for all of your help. Kind regards from Texas!

Margaret Davis

Happy Customer

I use it almost every day! Thanks for the great customer service!! I will continue to tell others about it.

It is just the best and we all love to cook! Thank you for continuing your family legacy; it is just the very best!

Looking forward to Papa Joe's Salt with my potato salad, hamburgers and pinto beans.

My boys ask for green beans every night so they can have it! I also gave a container to teachers and friends. Everyone LOVES it!

It is like crack! Whatever ration and combo of the salt, garlic and pepper is ingenious. Seasons so beautifully.

Lisa McLafferty

Its the perfect combo of flavor enhancer! Just right amount of salty goodness with a nice little kick. Its just YUM in a shaker!!!!

Angela Cocivera

It's the perfect blend of flavor and you only need a tiny bit for a big punch when

Rachel Ashe

It is like magic dust! From raw veggies to meats, It makes everything taste fabulous! Every time I use it, I get a compliment on the food!

Tammy Crump

It has all my favorite spices rolled into one jar. I discovered it last year at Medford
Seafood and buy it by the bag because I use it on everything!

Donna Secoda Uscinowicz

It's the perfect blend of spices-- you don't need anything else! It's great on everything: steaks, burgers, veggies, in soup, etc.

Dora Melton

Papa Joe's is the perfect potion of spices to perfect any dish from filet mignon to leftovers!

Meredith Delrossi

Papa Joe's Salt is excellent with all foods. The easiest answer is what DON'T use it on...ice cream and breakfast cereal.

Tom Ritter

Just wanted to let y'all know that i love yalls product!! i put it on everything!!! i heard of you guys on preston and steve a few years ago and have been using it since!!! keep it up! all the way from san antonio texas~~


Happy Customer

Where can I buy some of these magic crystals? My friend tells me that my taste buds will be so invigorated that all of my hair will return to black and I will be able to dance the mambo like when I was 21!

There is nothing like good food to comfort the soul, and your product adds so much to that!! We love this salt and can't live without it. Thanks for handling the order so promptly.

Just bought some Papa Joe's from a friend for a fundraiser, used it tonight on our salad, and it's our new family favorite! Will def be ordering some more after my stash runs out.

Thank you for your quick reply, I used the last of it today & my husband (who loves it more than I.. mind you) will be disappointed when he reaches in for it this evening & can't find it!

Hi Michelle I wanted to let you know that Thomas just absolutely loves papa joes.... He said even if you put it on dirt it would make it taste good.... it is perfect on just about everything!

Christie Wilson Black

Grits and French fry slices. Oh burgers and chicken...pasta salad and eggs...popcorn and deviled eggs. Red Potatoes on the cheese slicer. Then in olive oil with PJ's To die for!!

Christopher Lee Brand

My husband is called Papa Joe by our grands. A soon-to-be daughter-in-law in
Virginia Beach gave him one of your Papa Joe's Salts and he loves it. Please tell
Savor the Olive we love the Papa Joe Salt and my Joe was kinda hoarding it. Now he can share!!! You've made a better man of him!

My husband and I got Papa Joe's at a wine festival a couple years ago and have refilled a few times since. Last night we had company for pizza and had out the Papa Joe's and my brother and his wife and my brother in laws loved it so I figured I would get them started with a bottle. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for your quick response. I first tasted Papa Joe's Salt in a restaurant near Heinzelmaennchen Brewery in NC! I will tell my friends in Asheville about this. They will like the background. Wishing you continued success and happiness for your life as a business woman, mom, teacher and...

Just wanted to drop you a line and say the Papa Joe's was big hit with my family from out of town. We put it on everything... the bird, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy...the works. I'll be ordering some for gifts this year.



Everyone that tastes Papa Joe's Salt loves it! They are hooked! I mean HOOKED!! I put in all of my soups, all of my vegetables, pork roast, roast beef, pork chops, steaks, rice, mashed potatoes and my kids love it on their eggs. There isn't much left that we don't put it on! It is simply amazing!

Mary Beth George Racite

Scrambled eggs with fresh rosemary and Swiss cheese...fish with olive
oil and Papa Joe's. Two of our favorites...of course, the Brussels sprouts and grilled corn...grilled cabbage! Would it be easier if I told you what we don't like Papa Joe's on?

Dawn Stewart

Michelle, It really makes happy to see your business doing so well. I love your salt and tell everyone who'll listen about it. Last summer I started deep frying eckerts corn and seasoning it with your salt, it was a Huge hit. I told Eckerts to give you a call about selling your salt at their stand. Thanks!

Jack McGinnis

Nixon's General Store - Fried Corn

Everybody here loves this stuff....I feel that if people have a chance to taste it, they will get hooked...it's just amazing tasting! I could be the Rhode Island Papa Joe's Salt poster girl....I love giving it out as a little gift for no reason.....and everyone says they love it! So until I run out....good luck with your business....I'm sure your grandpa would be so proud of you!

Thank you so much for sharing more of your personal and touching story. I got teary-eyed reading about your Papa and your last memories of him and what he told you. Those memories are what you hold on to, and what you hold close to your heart. It was so sweet. Your story and heart behind it is what makes your product so special and different from the rest. You honor your Papa every day and share a little part of him with the rest of us. It is a beautiful thing. I am so glad that you are looking at expanding, and as I had stated before, you have support here. Wishing the best success for you!

Lindsey Gentry

Happy Customer

Hi Michelle.... Congrats on expanding to Shop Rites! This is Dana, I used to work at Active fitness in the daycare. Can't wait to see you at the WineFest next month. Can you please add me to your email list? Also, can I do anything to help get you into the Shop Rite in berlin? Talk up your product or anything? Hope all is well... the kids are getting so big!!!

Dana English


Just wanted to let you know that I got your shipment. Its divine! Thanks so much. I gave one of the shakers to my dad for his birthday and he loved it as well. I'll try taking a few pictures of your salt in "Holland" and send it over to you. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to it, Holland is well known for bland and flavorless seasoning!

There is nothing Better than Papajoes.... this is the only seasoning you'll ever need... We love it so much that we share it with Friends and Family around the country... You need to be on QVC... get it to supermarkets in Northern Jersey...... We love it!!! Thank you for Coming to the Crandberry festival and making our trip complete...

Debbie Wexler

Happy Customer

Special thanks to our sponsor Papa Joe's Salt, LLC for their support. The Flavor of Rub BBQ Crew uses Papa Joe's Salt on all of our meats and in our award winning BBQ sauce. We closed out our 2013 season with a first place for our BBQ sauce at the Do AC Smokin' Hot BBQ Championship. This season we also won 6th Chicken at Que by the Sea, 3rd Ribs and 3rd place chicken at the Steven Starr-Garry Maddox BBQ and 8th Sauce, at the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship.

Flavor of Rub BBQ Crew

I'm definitely going to order the "bag" of salt as my bottle is still in good condition. You see, I am the keeper of this salt, even though my kids would use it on EVERYTHING if I let them! My son is so funny...when his friends are over and we put something out on the table like french fries or pizza, he'll get this really proud way about him and ask me to bring out the PJS and then he'll
brag that we KNOW the girl who makes this stuff!

I have never written to anyone about a product but felt compelled to write about yours. I am all about anything Southern and just loved your story. To be honest, your story is probably what got me. There is nothing like your relationships with your Grandparents and all the knowledge, wisdom, and stories that they pass on to you. Anything I can do to pass the word about your product and story. There is nothing like good food to comfort the soul, and your product adds so much to that!! Some of the best memories are those of sharing wonderful meals with those we love. To be honest, I add olive oil and Papa Joe's Salt. My stepdad is like the cook "guru", who is from Tennessee, so I was so happy when he texted me the other day about his quiche using Papa Joe's, he just simply said it was devine! From our family to yours...God bless. Thank you so much again.

Lindsey Gentry

Happy Customer

Preston Elliot

Preston Elliot from Preston and Steve on WMMR uses Papa Joe's Salt for Thanksgiving on ... just about everything! "Just wanted to drop you a line and say the Papa Joe's was big hit with my family from out of town. We put it on everything. The bird, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy...the works. I'll be ordering some for gifts this year."

Preston Elliot

Thanksgiving Possibilities!

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product. I first saw Papa Joe's Salt at Heinzelmmannchen Brewery in Sylva, NC. I had gone there to buy my Dad a growler of their infamous beer and saw your product on the shelf. The first thing that grabbed me was the term "a southern salt" and then I read the sweet story of your Papa from Georgia. I had to try it. This Christmas I gave your product to my Dad, Stepdad, and brother-in-law as gifts. My Dad has been loving it for over a year now. They all love it. Three of us used it for our Standing Rib Roast this Christmas and my stepdad recently used it for quiche. All raving reviews. It is a staple now for me and my family. Thank you for sharing your story and your product to others.

Lindsey Gentry

Happy Customer

We love our Papa Joe's Salt! I use it on everything- veggies, rice, crostini- all except dessert!

Lynn Hunt

A friend sent us a south jersey care package shortly after we moved to upstate NY from Medford. Included in the basket was your seasoning. This past weekend we were vacationing with a few of our friends and brought it along to season steak on the grill. Well as luck would have it we all forgot salt and pepper along with other seasonings, and used yours on everything like corn on the cob, baked potatoes, zucchini with olive oil and several more things. So these bottles will actually be gifts for friends since it was a huge hit.