Corned Beef and Cabbage


2-4 pounds Corned Beef
Vegetables (carrots, leeks, turnip, onion, etc.) I like the soup package with the vegetables and herbs ready to go!
2 Large cans chicken broth
Bay leaf, herbs of your choice, Papa Joe's Salt
Optional glaze: brown sugar and mustard


First boil the corned beef (covered completely in water) according to package on the stove. Boil about 10 minutes (just until lightly cooked), then remove it and place it in the crock pot. Next, cover the corned beef completely with chicken broth. Add shredded or chopped cabbage and any other vegetables (the more the better!). You can even add potatoes if you like. Season to taste. Place the crockpot on low overnight or on high for 2- 3 hours until the center of the corned beef is no longer pink. When done, place the entire dinner in a baking dish and pull apart the corned beef to serve.

Optional Glaze: mix together mustard and brown sugar and rub on corned beef as a glaze. Bake at 350 F until glaze bubbles and browns (about 10 minutes). Remove from oven and THEN pull apart or slice the corned beef to serve.