Papa Joe's Salt "The Southern Salt"™

Papa Joe was my grandfather. He decided to make his own spice mixture from scratch in the mid 70's. After experimenting with several different salts, peppers, and garlic out of his garage in Georgia, he finally came up with the perfect blend-his secret recipe! Of course fittingly, he named this special mix Papa Joe's Salt. From that point forward, Papa Joe's was a staple in my family's kitchen all my life!
Papa Joe had always given milk jugs full of his Papa Joe's Salt to our family and closest friends. We did not use table salt or ground pepper. Papa Joe's Salt was all we used every time we ate! Upon giving some of my closest friends some Papa Joe's Salt as a Christmas gift in 2007, they raved about the taste and wanted more! I realized then, more than ever, that our family could never run out of Papa Joe's Salt. Papa Joe was more than happy to share his recipe with me, knowing I wouldn't change a thing. I wanted to continue giving the gift of Papa Joe's Salt to friends and family who love it as much as we always have. It was time to share it with the world and continue my Papa Joe’s legacy. And now thankfully, all of YOU can have Papa Joe's Salt too!
My Papa Joe was able to witness only the very beginnings of Papa Joe's Salt, LLC. In that short time I was able to get his approval of the shaker, the label, and my mix from his recipe… which was really important to me! I incorporated Cracked Black Peppercorns and Sea Salts into his recipe, helping to reduce sodium content and enhance the flavors of food with the variety of salt crystals and pepper sizes. Needless to say, he was a proud Papa, and I am comforted in knowing that he's smiling down at me every day!
In December of 2012, after 4 years of mixing the recipe and bottling the shakers myself, Signature Seasonings, LLC discovered Papa Joe’s Salt in a store in Virginia Beach. Because the shakers are now manufactured, Papa Joe's Salt is sold in more than 22 locations in 5 different states and online. Our goal is to continue expanding into more specialty stores, farm markets, and grocery stores. Papa Joe's Salt also donates baskets to several charities each year.
Once you try Papa Joe's Salt, you're going to wonder what you ever did without it! Use it as an addition to your meals, as a marinade, a rub, in salads, as a dressing, or as a dip for veggies. It may be "cliché" to say but, “The possibilities are truly endless!”

So from my Papa Joe and family's home to yours, ENJOY Y’All! ~ Michelle Pringle